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Grow Your Vision

"Sharing values,
that's where it all begins"

"Sharing values beyond work is the key of success."

​Japan Market Navigation for Central Europe Technology Companies

Mission & Vision


"Specialized collaboration support for Central European Technology companies."

"We, at Team Taketombo (teamTaketombo, Inc.), operate businesses specifically focused on Central European Technology companies. We extend our support to companies from Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Austria, all nestled in Central Europe, empowering their entry into the Japanese market with their technology expertise. Our mission is to forge business connections between Central Europe and Japan, fueling mutual growth and advancement."


Life is a Bamboo Dragonfly(Life is Taketombo)

Life is Taketombo

"Our Taketombo(Bamboo Dragonfly) has three wings:


1.Work Time

2.Private Time

3.Mindfulness Time 

These wings must be balanced. If one wing becomes too heavy compared to the others, the Bamboo Dragonfly cannot fly well. The axis of the Bamboo Dragonfly is 'health', which is the most important part. If we are healthy, we can fly high and far like the Bamboo Dragonfly. Life is, surprisingly, short. In order to live this one-time life to the fullest, it is important to maintain this balance and health.It is not an easy thing to do, and the balance can be upset depending on the stage of life. However, by understanding the ideal state and living towards it, we can understand and respect each other. ''Life is Taketombo' philosophy is our corporate identity and philosophy.

Our company, Team Taketombo, is committed to enabling everyone to live a life like 'Life is Taketombo'."

"Our vision is 'Life is Taketombo,' which is to say, we aim to work with those who share the belief that 'Life is a Bamboo Dragonfly.' We strive towards success alongside those who resonate with our values that go beyond just work. This vision permeates every business project we undertake. The reason why our ventures are often deemed 'likely to succeed' is because everyone involved operates under the same shared values. We do not merely chase profits.Our essential purpose lies in ensuring that the people we work with, those involved in our pursuits, attain a life of abundance and happiness."

"Balance and health are of utmost importance."

"Why Central Europe?"

"Why do we steadfastly focus on
Central European Technology companies,?"

"Our commitment to Central Europe stems from its diverse cultural and historical backgrounds, coupled with its unique strengths and opportunities in business and education. Compared to larger nations, Central Europe, with its smaller scale, presents a different approach to economic development and technological innovation, offering fresh perspectives and promising potential for collaboration."

"Building long-term relationships."

"The values of Europeans are considered similar to those of the Japanese, making it easier to establish long-term relationships in business. By strengthening relations with European Technology companies, we can build long-term relationships and enable stable business expansion."

"Benefits in terms of talent and technology."

"Europe possesses advanced technology and abundant talent, particularly in the technology field, with numerous companies showcasing innovative ideas and technical prowess. Strengthening relationships with such companies holds the potential for Japanese businesses to benefit from the advantages in terms of talent and technology."

Attractions of Japan

"Japan is an economically prosperous and culturally attractive country. Its strong economy, advanced technology, rich nature, and unique culture create new opportunities for businesses. We support your business to fully leverage these attractions."

Barriers and Solutions

"Entering the Japanese market comes with several barriers such as language differences and unique business customs. However, teamTaketombo provides concrete solutions to overcome these barriers. We utilize our expertise and experience to ensure your business can smoothly enter the Japanese market."

1.Language Barrier: 

2.Cultural Differences: 

3.Regulatory Environment: 

4.Market Characteristics:

5.Business Practices: 

6.Distribution Channels: 

7.High Level of Competition:

Our Serivces

Bridge Vision Platform

BridgeVision Platform works with government agencies and VCs to help Central European Technology companies enter Japan markets and develop their businesses. In addition to mere matching, we aim to act as an escort and a bridge between companies until the business of both companies is successfully established.

Enabling Successful Market Entry and Revenue Growth in the Japanese Market
for Central European Technology Companies

  1. Market Analysis and Competitive Strategy:

    • Conduct a detailed analysis of the target market for the participating company and identify points of differentiation from competitors.

    • Develop strategic positioning and marketing strategies based on market needs and trends.

  2. Partnership Development:

    • Identify strategic partners for the participating company and establish business partnerships.

    • Maximize synergies through partnerships and support smooth market entry.

  3. Brand Strategy and Promotion:

    • Develop a brand strategy for the participating company and propose strategies to enhance brand recognition and credibility in the market.

    • Create appropriate promotional activities and advertising strategies for effective targeting of the desired customer segment.

  4. Localization and Cultural Adaptation:

    • Adapt to the local market's culture and customs, as cultural awareness and meeting local needs are crucial for successful market entry.

    • Provide support in language and communication aspects to facilitate smooth business operations in the local market.

  5. Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

    • Assess legal and regulatory risks for the participating company and ensure compliance.

    • Offer support in legal procedures, permits, and licenses associated with market entry, minimizing legal issues.

Cooperating towards Revenue Sharing and Achieving Satisfactory Results



Taketombo  Support

​Silver Pack

  • Provide a list of business partners who can be contacted with basic market research. Japan provide you with the basic knowledge of culture and business practices needed to expand into the market.     

  • Value: Customers can better understand Japan market and specifically how your products and services fit. As a first step, you can explore your go-to-market potential and build an initial contact list.


Taketombo Support

​Gold Pack

  • Silver Pack includes all contents. Support for establishing business partnerships. We provide negotiation support for creating specific business plans and establishing partnerships.

  • Value: Customers can embody their business model and establish initial partnerships with Japan partners. It will be possible to lay the foundation for long-term success.


Taketombo Support

Premium Pack

  • Goald Pack includes all contents. Long-term business support. We provide specialized knowledge in legal, tax, human resources, etc., conduct continuous market research, and manage relationships with business partners.

  • Value: Customers can receive comprehensive assistance to achieve sustainable growth and stability in the Japan market. Through this pack, you can expect long-term success in the Japan market.

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Arch Cube Aoyama 3F

"Feel free to contact us. Please tell us about your company overview, product or service details, the value you can provide, and what kind of business you want to develop in Japan. We will provide insights into the potential of your company in the Japanese market."

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